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Meal Planning for the Spontaneous

As much as the “good southern wife” in me wants to have dinner on the table at 6, it just doesn’t happen. My husband works in ministry so business hours aren’t strict 9-5 and we’re pretty spontaneous with our plans on top of that. Plus, I’m really bad at meal planning, or that’s what I’ve… Continue reading Meal Planning for the Spontaneous

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Basic Shredded Chicken

You know how every recipe calls for basic cooked or shredded chicken? I never remember that until I’m mid-recipe and then it’s like “WHAT? NOW I HAVE TO COOK THE CHICKEN?!” and then we eat dinner at midnight because I didn’t plan ahead. Don’t get me wrong, a rotisserie chicken can absoLUTEly suffice, but I… Continue reading Basic Shredded Chicken

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Fill-in-the-Blank Candy Cookies

I had a bunch of M&M’s to get rid of, that’s how I’ll start this, don’t ask me why. So I Googled a cookie recipe and found one that had 4.5 stars with 942 reviews….uhhh let’s start there. This was the raved about recipe I started with, MAD props to Robbi for sharing this wisdom.… Continue reading Fill-in-the-Blank Candy Cookies