Preggo & Paleo

Preggo and Paleo: An Introduction

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It’s pretty self explanatory. I’m preggo and I’m eating paleo. Boom. But there are a few things I should explain.
So why am I doing this?
First off, It’s not new to me so I know it’s not impossible. I ate paleo before I was pregnant (No grains, dairy, legumes, sugar or processed food), then I ate Ketogenic (low carb, high fat) after getting off birth control to balance my hormones and then when I got pregnant, something maaaaagical happened. My body could handle gluten with NO side effects! Miracle of miracles. So when I was barfing 24/7 it was a huge blessing to be able to eat whatever I could keep down without my typical gluten intolerant side effects. And since I was barfing 24/7, weight gain wasn’t an issue at all.
Now, I’m 25 weeks, over halfway there and very aware I’ve been eating junk. Whoops. So I’m kicking my booty back into gear and going paleo again
First off, this is Imperfect Paleo…Meaning
I’m Still:
– Eating Dairy (mostly organic, but not always)
Because dairy has never been an irritant for me and I really enjoy cheese. I’ve cut it out before and haven’t had an issue, so I’m leaving it in unless it causes me sorrow, then sayonara!
– Eating Legumes (Beans and peanuts)
This is for 2 reasons. 1) I have a Costco size container of peanut butter that I refuse to waste and 2) I have had a HUGE chicken aversion during this pregnancy. Like yuck. If it’s shredded then I can sneak it in (hence, this recipe). SO I’m allowing myself to eat beans occasionally. Not as a main source of protein but as an option because get. the. chicken. away. from. me.
– Allowing myself a sweet treat occasionally
Like maybe once or twice a week. MAAAAAAYBE. Mainly because my sister is getting married in a few weeks and I would like to indulge a little bit in her wedding cake, etc.
Also, I’m keeping my French Vanilla coffee creamer. I know, it’s awful. But I only get one cup of coffee a day and I refuse to make myself miserable.
Why do you care?
I’m going to share what I make with you because I’m going to do it the most haphazard way possible. Not everything will be organic and grass-fed (GASP – sorry I’m not a millionaire). And because I’m pregnant, these recipes will be easy and quick and as normal as possible (No weird spices for me). So this works for those of you who are pregnant or sympathetically pregnant (meaning, you just generally don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time in your kitchen and would rather spend more time napping).
Sound good? Great. Cheers to an 80/20 paleo-ish life! Have you eaten paleo before? Sound off below in the comments. Tell me all your things you thing.

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